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About the project

Haley Hoffman Smith is a well-known influencer inspiring people around the world with her Big Conversations on topics like manifesting, healing, and following your BIG DREAMS. Her project was one of great and minute detail. Every page and every design was thought out to showcase Haley and her amazing work. We thought through all of her offerings and content to make sure we built her a website that was a home to her. This stunning and fun website took over 60 hours of intricate and thoughtful work to reflect all that is Haley. 

haley hoffman smith

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Working with Lauren was such an incredible experience from the beginning to the very end. She took care of absolutely everything and I was amazed at her attention to detail and organization. It far surpassed anyone I have ever worked with before, in any capacity! She understood my vision for my website, but also applied her intuitive understanding of what I am hoping to convey to any website visitor to create a site that is SO me. No detail was untouched - from the gorgeous color palettes and branding she provided, to even going above and beyond and building out back-end resources for my business, such as a master spreadsheet with links to every single podcast episode I have done (HUNDREDS!) on all the platforms. I was continuously wow’d and recommend her to everyone I know!

Haley hoffman smith