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Who we work with

La.Rue is a brand built to empower women. Whether you work in corporate, you're a stay-at-home mom, you're in school, or running a business, our content and this brand are for you. While our offerings are intimate to women entrepreneurs, La.Rue prides itself on being inclusive to all women. Our content, including the Blog and the Do the Damn Thing Podcast cover a wide array of topics to support you and your intentional life no matter what you do, who you are, or where you're from.


what we do

We empower women. La.Rue is a luxury and intentional lifestyle, business, and branding studio that serves as a destination for women running intentional businesses  and living intentional lives. As a destination for women, our goal is to scale the La.Rue Brand creating world-wide resources for women to live intentional and extraordinary lives. Currently, our intimate studio serves in offering branding and coaching packages that will set you and your business up for success. 


why we do it

Why do we empower women? At La.Rue, we believe every women deserves to be heard and supported in their effort to achieve their dreams, and perhaps change the world. We believe a woman with a dream is extraordinary; but, a woman with a dream... and a PLAN, now that's a woman who is unstoppable. La.Rue is a landing pad to help women build dreams with a plan, we support you in business and in life, and that's what makes La.Rue so unique. 

Lauren L'Heureux

Owner & ceo of the la.rue brand

Hi, I'm Lauren,

Since I was a young girl, there have been many people that have contributed to planting one very important seed in my mind. It's a seed that would eventually blossom into my life’s purpose. I was told time and time again: from competing in pageants, and competitive dancing, to always running around with a new idea or a new dream, that I was meant for something “more” or something “different.” People always told me I was going to do “big things…” and they were right. For years, that seed would sit there, untouched, until one day, it would start to grow.

It’s hard to pinpoint where your own journey really starts. But, I believe my true story starts in college. On my 18th birthday, I moved into my Freshman dorms at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, where I majored in English Literature. As glamorous as it sounds to attend college in Manhattan, a lot about those four years changed my life in many different ways…

In my freshman year of college, my brother and only sibling, Joshua, was killed in a motorcycle accident at 22. In a matter of seconds, everything about my life changed. Over the next four years of college, a lot happened. It was filled with many good memories. But, what I didn’t know, and was never willing to acknowledge, was how much the grief of losing my brother was still haunting me. I wouldn’t realize this until years later when the grief had already changed me.

... one door closed

Don’t get me wrong, my college experience was truly extraordinary. But looking back, I can see how much I was still living in my own protective shell. I graduated in May of 2019, and just a few short months later, I moved home to Florida under the guise of a knee surgery. It’s a surgery I desperately needed, but it was a cover for a much larger issue going on in my life. I had absolutely no clue who I was or who I wanted to be.

In March 2020, we hit the four-year anniversary of my brother’s death, and the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the entire world. At that same moment, I realized just how much I didn’t want to be a part of this world anymore. My fight or flight kicked in, and I had a choice to make. Survive, or live my life the way I always wanted to.

From March to October 2020, I spent every waking moment healing, growing, and changing. In those five months, I let myself become real with who I was and what I wanted out of life. I owned up to my thoughts, my grief, and my pain. I started working with a Life Coach, therapist, and EFT practitioner to heal my heart, my mind, my brain, and my body. Those five months changed the trajectory of the rest of my life.

so another could open...

After years of exhausting pursuance of a life that wasn’t truly fulfilling, I began a lifelong journey of healing, personal growth, and spiritual expansion. Remember that thought I mentioned?—the one always sitting in the back of my mind? This is when it really started to grow. It exploded like the BIG BANG of my own mind. La.Rue was born on the cusp of this defining period of my life.

This next chapter began with a simple blog. I knew I wanted to share my thoughts, musings, and journey, but I wasn’t sure how yet. I wasn’t quite ready to put my entire self out there. Slowly, I started blossoming just a bit more and let the brand expand organically. I launched a lifestyle course, the Do the Damn Thing Podcast, and a coaching program. I was allowing myself to expand both internally and externally with one sole mission, vision, and purpose in mind: intentionality.

I soon realized grief was the allegory for a much larger message in my life and a much larger purpose. The meaning behind this soul mission comes from both experiencing and healing grief. I had never felt I was being intentional with my life. And when my brother got that choice taken from him, I decided I would help myself and other women live their life full of intention.

and the next chapter began...

A little over a year into my journey with La.Rue, I had decided this was it—this is my purpose, my expertise. THIS is my “more” and my “different.” I knew it was time to take my next leap of faith and bet completely and entirely on myself and move my life and my business back to the city I call home. In January 2022, I moved back to New York City/ Jersey City, and a new chapter had begun.

Here, my story continued to grow and expand. Shortly after moving back to the city, I was ready for another uplevel, thus, the birth of the La.Rue Creative Studio. For years, friends, family, and even strangers have admired my creative abilities. I built my website and branding materials from scratch, and it was obvious how much passion and love I had put into them. I decided I would expand the brand even further to offer creative services to brands I believe in. This expansion meant it was time to niche down even more and the La.Rue brand took another transformation.

and now, here we are...

So, what exactly is La.Rue? Is it a lifestyle business? Is it a branding design studio? Is it a coaching service? Well… It’s something a bit “more,” or “different” than all of those things. La.Rue is a lifestyle, business, and branding studio for intentional living and intentional businesses— a DESTINATION for female entrepreneurs.

La.Rue offers a highly unique service to entrepreneurial women. Want to change your lifestyle or your mindset around success?— We’ll coach you. Want to brand an extraordinary business?—We’ll serve you. La.Rue is your primary destination as a women entrepreneur for mindset coaching, lifestyle organizing, and business branding. 

And just as you and I continue to evolve, so will La.Rue. So I thank you for joining me on this journey. And cheers, to a life well intended…

Xo, Lauren

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