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Lauren has been such a unique find in this industry. What makes her work so exceptional is the unmatched level of detail and perfection she provides to her clients and design work. From the beginning of our design process to the very end, she was intentional with my project. My branding and website had been in need of an overhaul and redesign for a while. We went back and forth dozens of times with meticulous notes so my project could represent my brand. I'm so happy with the final results; my new branding represents luxury and is the epitome of me and what I offer my clients. I will be continuing to recommend Lauren!

Rachael Johanson

luxury branding strategist

Rebranding my company had lingered on my "to-do" list for years, a substantial undertaking that held immense personal significance. Engaging with Lauren in this transformative journey can only be described as serendipitous—a genuine blessing. Our collaboration unfolded seamlessly. Upon arriving at the brand launch weekend, I was utterly astounded as Lauren unveiled the fruits of her creative labor, presenting the visual embodiment of the brand I envisioned but required her extraordinary talent to actualize. Every moment spent in collaboration was a delight, marked by a profound understanding of my nuanced preferences and a real-time, dynamic creative process that brought my vision to life.

Margaux St. Ledger

luxury branding strategist

Working with Lauren was an amazing experience! From the beginning, she was conscious of respecting our established brand identity and the very specific structure we had in mind for our website. We appreciate that she let us play an intimate part in the design process. Her attention to detail let us make so many minute changes that bring the details of our website to life. She was so professional in communicating what could and could not work, all while designing a website with intentional thought and concept. She built our website with the client in mind, showcasing our best work in a way that speaks to the level of luxury, unique, and bespoke design we offer. We cannot recommend Lauren enough, she was incredible to work with.

Isabel Gómez


Lauren was an indirect hire whose work had to be very intentional to our niche. We wanted a new home for our brand that would elevate and inspire the exclusivity of clients we partner with. Lauren did an extraordinary job of creating something that speaks to the level of luxury and detail we deliver while maintaining the overall aesthetic of our niche. Once we were able to get our first sneak peek, we were thrilled with the thoughtful curation Lauren had put into our website and branding. Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with, offering her expertise but also taking into consideration my vision. And with minimal tweaks and adjustments, she brought our final vision to life.

Sojourner Auguste

Luxury multi-cultural wedding planner

Working with Lauren was such an incredible experience from the beginning to the very end. She took care of absolutely everything and I was amazed at her attention to detail and organization. It far surpassed anyone I have ever worked with before, in any capacity! She understood my vision for my website, but also applied her intuitive understanding of what I am hoping to convey to any website visitor to create a site that is SO me. No detail was untouched - from the gorgeous color palettes and branding she provided, to even going above and beyond and building out back-end resources for my business, such as a master spreadsheet with links to every single podcast episode I have done (HUNDREDS!) on all the platforms. I was continuously wow’d and recommend her to everyone I know!

Haley Hoffman Smith

influencer, singer, EFT coach

Working with Lauren was an absolute dream. From start to finish, every little detail was attended to in depth. I am beyond thankful that my business coach connected us. Putting together an entire custom website and logo design is no easy task and finding someone who understands you and your vision can be extremely challenging. Lauren nailed it on the first go around! She is a true gem and excelled at her craft. I hope to be able to continue to work together and collaborate going forward!

Kitty Dunbar

Luxury Makeup Artist

Despite not having met Lauren until the Website Development was close to being finished, it was clear the work she had done to discover who I am as a designer, and who I’m looking to serve, which resulted in a finished product that was nearly perfect. I’d been so nervous about the design phase, but Lauren’s work brought me and Nest Your Home to life. Her intentional thought to me translated into a design that captured me and my ideal client perfectly. Within six months of the relaunch, I’m attracting clients of the full service nature with projects of over half a million in budget and over 30K in design fees. Post launch, Lauren has been incredibly supportive and in touch after empowering me and my business with a beautiful online “home.” 

Julie Stash

Luxury home designer

When building a brand sometimes it’s hard to articulate exactly what you want. It’s more than just ad copy and bullet points, it’s a feeling, a vibe. Lauren’s uncanny ability to translate that into digital form is unmatched in her industry. She listened, revised, and with the patience of a saint, held my hand throughout the entire process. The end product is magical! It’s a perfect reflection of who I am and everything I strive to be in the future.

Jodi Terrell

personal brand

Lauren is one of the most efficient, detailed and personable website designers we have ever worked with. She went above and beyond what we were asking for, always made sure she communicated quickly and on time and created a gorgeous timeless website we will enjoy for years to come. We are so thankful for all her dedication and hard work. We will definitely be using her again!

Laura & Aaron Aguilar

luxury interior designers