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client praise 

Working with Lauren was such an incredible experience from the beginning to the very end. She took care of absolutely everything and I was amazed at her attention to detail and organization. It far surpassed anyone I have ever worked with before, in any capacity! She understood my vision for my website, but also applied her intuitive understanding of what I am hoping to convey to any website visitor to create a site that is SO me. No detail was untouched - from the gorgeous color palettes and branding she provided, to even going above and beyond and building out back-end resources for my business, such as a master spreadsheet with links to every single podcast episode I have done (HUNDREDS!) on all the platforms. I was continuously wow’d and recommend her to everyone I know!

Haley hoffman smith

personal brand

Lauren is one of the most efficient, detailed and personable website designers we have ever worked with. She went above and beyond what we were asking for, always made sure she communicated quickly and on time and created a gorgeous timeless website we will enjoy for years to come. We are so thankful for all her dedication and hard work. We will definitely be using her again!

Laura & Aaron Aguilar

Aguilar Design Studio

Lauren is incredibly talented, and her creative work reflects a unique ability to translate her client’s abstract ideas into concrete visuals that align with their overarching business goals and desires. What sets Lauren apart from other designers is that she has the ability to act as both a consultant and a coach – meaning she will always be thoughtful, efficient, and attentive throughout the collaboration process. Run, don’t walk to work with Lauren! 

Jessica Emaily Gallo

Personal Brand

Lauren and La.Rue brought my vision for The Eleventh House to life. I had slapped together my branding when I first started, but realized I wasn’t putting myself out there because it wasn’t an accurate reflection of me or my business. Lauren helped me to define that vision and create a visual brand and website that just feels like…me. Thank you La.Rue for your creative, strategic talents!

Adaire Smithwick

Eleventh House Co.

Despite not having met Lauren until the Website Development was close to being finished, it was clear the work she had done to discover who I am as a designer, and who I’m looking to serve, which resulted in a finished product that was nearly perfect. I’d been so nervous about the design phase, but Lauren’s work brought me and Nest Your Home to life. Her intentional thought to me translated into a design that captured me and my ideal client perfectly. Within six months of the relaunch, I’m attracting clients of the full service nature with projects of over half a million in budget and over 30K in design fees. Post launch, Lauren has been incredibly supportive and in touch after empowering me and my business with a beautiful online “home.”

julie stash

owner of Nest your home

When building a brand sometimes it’s hard to articulate exactly what you want. It’s more than just ad copy and bullet points, it’s a feeling, a vibe. Lauren’s uncanny ability to translate that into digital form is unmatched in her industry. She listened, revised, and with the patience of a saint, held my hand throughout the entire process. The end product is magical! It’s a perfect reflection of who I am and everything I strive to be in the future.  

Jodi terrell

personal brand