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Taking Intentional Branding to an entirely new level.

At La.Rue Creative Studio, we're committed to curating a unique and engaging experience for an intimate group of visionaries ready to launch a personal brand or entrepreneurship venture. We take your vision and message and scale it with Intentional Design to reach your ideal client. But we don't stop there. We're more than just a branding agency; we combine multi-dimensional business development to take your brand to its greatest potential. What does this mean? We intersect the business acumen of designing your branding and marketing materials with strategic and highly specialized business coaching to propel you to success.

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Lauren L'Heureux

Lauren is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur who has capitalized on her 180 Degree shift in life and scaled it into a lifestyle brand. Over the last 18 months, she has worked through the complexities of bringing multiple branches of La.Rue to life through pursuance of one organic mission: intentionality. Lauren is the CEO and Founder of La.Rue, Intentional Living & Lifestyle Brand, Do the Damn Thing, and now: La.Rue Creative Studio. At La.Rue, Lauren has coached numerous, passionate women on the heels of launching their entrepreneurship venture. Thus, the birth of La.Rue Creative Studios. At the Creative Studio, Lauren's goal is to co-mingle the need for creating an elegant branding platform with strategic business coaching using her intersectional Venn Diagram for success: Structure, Mindset, and Vision.

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La.Rue Creative Studio is for the bold, the ambitious, and the purpose-driven. We work with entrepreneurs and personal brands seeking intentional curating, meaningful design, and elegant execution of their brand, mission, and value. Here at the Creative Studio, our mission is to create a timeless visual representation of all that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. But you want to know what makes US stand out from the crowd? We're no regular branding/ marketing boutique. The La.Rue brand capitalizes on the notion of intentionality. We are always in pursuance of creating brands and businesses that have great value in their intention and mission. Our Business Coaching Suite offers a series of valuable options to help you break through your fears around success, failure, monetization, fears of being seen, and more to propel you into your natural success and run a thriving brand. If you're ready to take your brand to an entirely new level with expert branding, thoughtful marketing, and foundational business coaching, you know where to hit us up.