The La.rue Creative studio is now offering strategic copywriting and SEO services with clients who purchase a website design package.

Full-Service brand elevation

tier two

New Branding, New Website, with Tactical SEO and Intentional Brand Copywriting.

Our high-touch, full-service package elevates your digital footprint to the next level of luxury and clarity. With over 4 months of 1:1 support, this package thoughtfully aligns the visual representation of your brand with custom and thoughtful website copy and tactical SEO implementation that connects with your ideal client from all angles of discovery and generates meaningful connection.

Our Signature Process


Client Consultation


Creative Development


Vision Connection


Brand Evolution


Turnkey Launch

Our Clients are our Top Priority...

This Full-Service Visual Brand Elevation package is the ultimate, high-touch investment for the client who has repeatedly signed the same clients and is ready to uplevel their entire brand to reach the next level of clientele. 

These clients are women who have built a strong foundation but are in need of an internal asset overhaul. Their services are strong but their execution is missing. 

Think about a brand that's reaching the ideal client they identified years ago. They’re not getting turnover from the drab website they built 2017 and their copy doesn't identify the full scope of services they deliver. Typically, they're only reaching clients through referrals because nothing about their website approach sets them apart in their market.  

We begin with your Brand Growth Strategy

After you've signed on, you'll receive an in-depth questionnaire that let's us get to know your brand the way YOU see it. We'll ask you about your goals for the next five years, your ideal client/ market, your services and more. While you're working on the questionnaire, we're conducting an internal audit of your brand. We do a deep dive into your current website build, copy, analytics and conversion to build the foundation of our strategy for your rebrand.

Once we've gotten the behind the scenes tour of your brand and your custom strategy is built, we get into the details of your uplevel. We spend the next six weeks on your visual branding assets and drafting through your new website copy that will catapult your brand into its next stages. Following three rounds of revisions, you're website copy gets finalized that you and your team can translate across all marketing materials, social media, and anywhere you're creating brand awareness. 

Strategy Implementation & Optimization

Following the finalization of your branding assets and website copy, it's finally time to watch the vision come to life as we begin the process of building out your bespoke and completely custom ShowIt website. Upon completion of your exterior assets, you'll receive a branded custom style guide to utilize across marketing materials. 

While I'm busy building the foundation, you're busy finalizing the details.

Once I start the website process, you're free to begin implementing your new branding across the entirety of your brand. As I'm building out the design details, I'm inside strategizing on optimizing your website for search engine optimization (SEO). Here's what I'm focusing on...
- Core Web Vitals
- Site Performance: Page Load Speeds, Image Sizing, etc.
- Accessibility: Http Guidelines, Font Sizing, Heading Tags, etc.
- Keyword Marking and Meta Data Descriptions
- Back-Linking and Internal Linking
- Google "Crawlability"

Four to five months of time together culminate in the grand launch of your newly elevated brand. Every unique detail has been thoughtfully curated and designed with your vision in mind and ideal client at the forefront. 

The Final Steps...

Post launch support is critical to our studio. Not only do we love working alongside our clients, but we love watching them flourish. After your exciting launch, you'll meet with our team 30-days after to make sure the vision we sought to create in the beginning has truly come to life. 

Along with your 30-day follow up, our team will be diligently watching our SEO strategy at the 30, 60, and 90 day post launch marks as we watch your engagement and conversion rise. 

And while that might be the close of our project, you become a member of the La.Rue family for life. 

These  Clients walk away with…

Bespoke Branding Assets: Logo, Typography, and Colors
A Stunning and Polished New Website
Custom Website Copy that can be Translated Across Marketing Materials
Strategic and Tactical SEO Implementation
30, 60, and 90 SEO Conversion Tracking
Fresh Business Card and Email Signature Designs
And more fun surprises throughout...

Please Note: This package does not include coaching around brand positioning. Clients interested in 1:1 coaching around rebuilding their services, client approach and white-glove processes should refer to our tier three package, Luxury Brand Positioning and Design. This package includes everything in the tier two package, and is our highest-touch package.

Investment: $12,500.00


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