The La.rue Creative studio is now offering strategic copywriting and SEO services with clients who purchase a website design package.

Luxury Brand Positioning & Design:

tier three

High touch and robust business coaching meets luxury brand style evolution. 

Internal Brand Clarity. Visual Brand Elevation. One Cohesive Brand Strategy that launches your business into its next stages with a new turnkey business model.

Our Signature Process


Client Consultation


Creative Development


Vision Connection


Brand Evolution


Turnkey Launch

Creative Direction Call

Brand Strategy met with internal brand clarity. 

We start with a launch call where I investigate your current business strategy end to end. We identify what strategies you’ve outgrown, what type of clients you’re looking to attract, what services you should be offering, and how to elevate your visual brand. 

I ask the tough questions, inviting you to label those sore spots you’re ready to change. From there, I consume everything there is to know about your current business. Over the next few weeks, I do backend research, send questionnaires, and build out your vigorous coaching programming. 

Weeks of preparation culminate in one day with six hours of 1:1 coaching that launches your brand to the next level. After your 1:1 coaching day, you walk away with a strategic new business plan. But wait, it gets even better… While you’re busy implementing your new business model, we spend the next three months overhauling your visual brand: logos, colors, and a polished new website. 

After our full time together, you’re literally stepping into the next stage of your business, already attracting your ideal client, filling your pipeline and streamlining your services. 

Connecting Vision with Positioning:

The women who invest in this package have grown and scaled successful businesses, but they’ve hit a wall. They’re feeling like progress has halted and they’re signing the same clients over and over again. 

They know it’s time to re-imagine their brand and re-evaluate their processes. 

The Luxury Brand Positioning Package has a singular focus of what the next phase of your business should look like. My coaching acumen zeros in on your pain points, replacing them with a strategic plan of action.

Topics we cover in 1:1 Coaching: 

Getting crystal clear on your ideal client.
Revamping offerings: What packages will serve your clients AND your skills?
Thorough copy audit of your website, marketing materials, and social media.
A defined brand mission: What do you want to accomplish in the next 5, even 10 years?
How to stand out in your market.
Visual luxury branding that supports your brand philosophy.

And this is just to name a few… 

Visual Branding Uplevel

After we’ve completed a successful coaching day (six hours of powerhouse revising), we move on to all things visual branding. At this point, we’ve already defined the revision of your visual branding, and we’re ready to dive in. 

Luxury brand style guide

First, we start with the exterior assets— branding that’s displayed across your entire business. This includes Primary/ Secondary Logos, Favicon/ Icon Logos, Color Palettes, and brand typography. 

Your assets are presented in a brand style guide that includes three separate brand compositions. You choose which of the three feels most aligned with the vision we’re working towards and we nurture that composition until it’s perfect. 

Once your brand identity is final, we get into the juicy details of a polished and pristine new website that is high touch with a luxury design. 

A Digital Home for Your Brand

The final piece of the puzzle: It’s time to upgrade the digital home to your brand. Your website is where potential clients come to discover everything about your brand. And we’re going to reimagine it from start to finish. 

Well in this case, we need to put your expertise where your website is. Meaning, we need to make sure the appearance of your website matches the copy, services, and delivery you offer. 

First impressions are always made by sight. How someone or something looks almost always indicates our initial reaction. So no matter how fabulous your copy is or how beautiful of a portfolio you have, if the home in which those things live isn’t elevated, people aren’t going to see the whole brand picture. 

Over (roughly) a three month period, I redesign your website, keeping in mind every piece of coaching we’ve already covered, positioning you for the next stage of your business. I design based on personality and offerings. Your website will be unique and individual to you and your client. Every detail is intentionally designed to attract your ideal market. 

You know the phrase put your money where your mouth is? 

Luxury Brand Positioning Deliverables

This package totals roughly 6 months of time together. From the moment of onboarding, we’re besties. We’ll complete your onboarding process which includes the thorough audit of your brand. This will lead up to your six hour coaching day, which catapults the excitement for the final stage: a brand new luxury website. 

Clients will walk away with… 

6 Hours of 1:1 Private Coaching
A strategic brand strategy for the next 5 years of their business
Crystal clear packages/ offerings to attract their ideal clients 
New luxury branded visual assets: Logos, colors, and typography
Stunning new website with up to 8 custom designed pages.
Shiny new brand copy that we use across their website & marketing materials
Strategic SEO strategy implemented for the client to attract their ideal customer
Custom designed email signatures and business cards
Secret surprises throughout our time together
Post package support including a follow-up call one month after our time together

Investment: $18,500.00


Seems like a no brainer, right? 
If you’re interested in this package, please fill out the brief inquiry form linked below.